We appointed to Mr. Bruno Massa as brand director of ‘TISSAVEL’.
July 1st, 2020

“ A seasoned executive with a wealth of 45 years of experience in the most creative and
high-end fashion industry, Mr. Bruno Massa started his career as Sales Manager and became
the Managing Director and CEO of some important Brands like ‘FENDI’, ‘KRIZIA’, ‘DAKS’ in
Italy and the UK.

Often an “out of the box” thinker, he gave to the projects he has successfully managed an
advantage coming from a different, innovative and highly creative angle of view, and a very
personal managing style, being able to create and lead strong teams of motivated
professionals, and he is generally much beloved by his past collaborators.
In the latest 10 years he has worked together with Mitsui on the very interesting project
regarding the high quality fake fur fabrics, which are a very modern and trendy materials,
and acquired a very special knowledge about those particular products, and their
relationship with the top brands and designers.”